About Us

A global solution that combines nature, materials, experiences and a passion for architecture

At MyArchitect, we believe that the design process should be an experience for our clients from the very beginning. With each unique location, we begin to dream together, creating a design that combines lifestyles, materials, textures, lighting, sustainability, and viability for construction.

Our passion for delivering high-quality homes has been driving us for over 12 years, providing our clients with the unparalleled experience of enjoying unique, sustainable, and balanced spaces that are also an asset.

At MyArchitect, each person receives a bespoke design masterpiece that is built and detailed specifically for them.

Our values



We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the initial design concept to the final execution of the project, to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.



With over 12 years of experience in creating exceptional homes, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.



We believe that every client is unique, and we tailor our designs to meet their individual needs and preferences, creating bespoke homes that reflect their personality and lifestyle.



We are committed to designing environmentally sustainable homes that minimize their impact on the planet, while also providing long-term benefits for our clients.



We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process, from the initial design phase to the final construction, to ensure that their vision is brought to life.


Attention to Detail

We believe that every detail matters, and we pay close attention to every aspect of the design and construction process to ensure that every element is of the highest quality and meets our clients’ exacting standards.